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    I started out your average Caucasion Latino Asian Americn, fairly thin and light complected. I inherited double eyelids from my maternal Grandfathers side. Thus a journey was born to reinvent myself focusing on my Ethnic Asian Background. Learn how you can pamper yourself with an Authentic Oriental Makeover. Using techniques practiced in ancient times, you too can have an authentic Asian at home makeover.


    Procedure Results 3/27/2017

    Procedure is not done this is during procedure

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    Learn about the essential Vitamins that are important to the genetic structure of most people with an Asian background, like Collagen, and Hair and Skin Oils, etc. stay tuned.

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    Naturopathic Approach

    World Heritage Foundation H.E. Ambassador Thailand

    Thailand Korean Japanese Mix Race

    Sabrina has taken the liberty of having facial recognition done to narrow down the ethnic foundation of her genetics, they detected 14% Korean 14% Japanese 14% Thai

    Learn about our Famous Non Surgical Corrective Blepharoplasty Procedure

    Results 3/27/2017 without adhesive

    From Caucasion to Asian Eyelids. Turn a Double Eyelid into a Monolid permanently.

    This image is about a year and a half into the procedure give or take.

    Years Prior To Procedure

    Before Image Blonde Caucasian Look

    Eurasian Cuban American

    During Procedure

    Hazel eye color honey drops for color change

    Eurasian Cuban American

    Mongolian Spot Common Of People Of East Asia

    Mongolian spots are very common in any part of the body of dark-skinned babies. They are flat, gray-blue in color (almost looking like a bruise), and can be small or large. They are caused by some pigment that didn't make it to the top layer when baby's skin was being formed.

    Picture of Mongolian Spots - WebMD


    These flat birthmarks can be deep brown, slate gray, or blue-black in color. They do sometimes look similar to bruises. The edges are often, but not always, indistinct. They are most common on the lower back and buttocks, but are often found on the legs, back, sides, and shoulders.

    What are Mongolian Spots? via DrGreene.com



    Infants may be born with one or more Mongolian spots ranging from small area on the buttocks to a larger area on the back.

    The spot is prevalent among East, South, Southeast, North and Central Asian peoples, Uralic and Finno-Ugric peoples, Indigenous Oceanians (chiefly Micronesians and Polynesians), Sub-Saharan Africans,[10] Amerindians,[11] non-European Latin Americans, Caribbeans of mixed-race descent, and Turkish people.[6][12][13][14] They occur in about 90-95% of Asian and 80-85% Native American infants.[13] Approximately 90% of Polynesians and Micronesians are born with Mongolian spots, as are about 46% of children in Latin America,[15] where they are associated with non-European descent. These spots also appear on 5-10% of babies of full Caucasian descent; Coria del Río in Spain has a high incidence due to the presence of descendants of the first Japanese official envoy to Spain in the early 17th century.[13][16] Black babies have Mongolian spots at a frequency of 96%.[17]